06 December 2023


Ya blink and it's suddenly December!!! 

I've been working hard on lots of books this year and I'm very excited for one new series coming out early 2024!

SHOWERLAND by the super talented Nat Amoore.

For more details check out this link:

Have fun!

11 August 2023


In between working on various kids books I've pulled out the paints and ink and having a play.

Although addictive and distracting at times, It's really been good for mental health and my soul. So I thought I'd share some here.

Have fun!

07 August 2023


Started the week finishing off a small painting in between working on books. This was for a drawing challenge a few of us Aussie illustrators have put together...

Blue Guy

It's big really warm this past week too. Definitely feels like Spring is already here. Lots to get sorted in the garden. We haven't had much rain, so the ground is quite dry. But I did start planting more fruit trees over the weekend. Starting with a new Plum 🤠

31 July 2023


I found our local art supply shop recently and bought a sketch book with a plan in mind: A place to experiment and paint and draw with freedom from making the same old drawings or working to a brief or having an end result in mind. I just wanted to let the ink and paint reveal themselves.

I've been inspired be working outside more and learning some regenerative gardening and agriculture ideas linked in with permaculture and from Michaelangelo when he made the statue of David. The process. The patience. And freeing the image that's hidden. Finding hidden gems by giving myself freedom to explore. 

So here's a few sketches so far. I might move to larger paintings and more "finished" pieces soon too as I play and experiment more.

16 July 2023


Something I need to do more in real life is sit and people watch. Sit and draw random people in cafes to grow a memory bank of characters. There's so many interesting people out there!! 

06 July 2023


Last year we moved 300 KMs+ away to start our new life in the country. It's been incredible. But something I didn't realise would happen would be that I got back into playing trumpet after not playing for about 15ish years!!

And now I am totally addicted!!! 😂🎺