05 July 2023


A little snippet of my illustration journey:

I began freelancing as an illustrator in 2003 during my final year of study after winning a cover competition for DeskTop magazine. Since then I've illustrated in many different areas including advertising, web design, animation, corporate stuff, etc and A LOT of educational publishing early on; doing many, many , MANY, MANY reader books and text books. What I found though was that Advertising is the devil and Educational publishing is very VERY VERY restrictive and almost killed my creativity and my folio and my tiny little soul.

SO in 2011 I crafted a crafty plan to Be Better and pushed my creative output and did my own extra study to try build a better folio. These were the days of Randomondayness on Facebook. Anyway, long story short, it paid off and I began working on better projects for toy companies, animation design and eventually properly breaking into children's publishing over the past 10 years.

Since working on the You Choose book series in 2013, while working on The Day My Butt Went Psycho at Moshi, I've worked for every major publisher in Australia and have illustrated over 100 books! And plan to do another 100 in the next 10 years. 😳 If my neck holds out! 😬

From 2017 I slowly deleted Facebook and other socials and then finally Instagram in January 2023, so you won't find me on any social media anymore just my website:

Here's some of the books I've worked on over the past ten years:

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